Spirituality Beyond Religion

Hunting around the web this afternoon, I found an innocent question from a reverend on Facebook.

‘Can there be spirituality without religion?’

I’ve been an atheist for as long as I can remember. I was never indoctrinated in any faith, and as a result I grew up mostly free of religion, but my experiences and life has taught me that one can be spiritual without religion.

Spirituality is not a connection with a higher power. It’s a connection with yourself, and a deeper existence that resonates with the entire universe. When you find spirituality, you find a connection to everything that exists, and that has ever existed.

It’s not guided by rituals, verses, or any knowledge. It’s instinct, mixed with awareness.

You are a spiritual person if you can feel inside yourself the oneness of all things. If when you see the world you can recognize that all things in it are a part of a whole. That nothing ever is apart from that one existence.

Even an atheist can be spiritual. That’s because spirituality does not define god. It does not bring you closer to god. It does not make you more precious to god. What it does is, make you aware that this existence that you feel the connection with is a greater whole of all things. Even the gods.

The best thing — It does not require prayer. No obeisance, no gratitude not even a polite acknowledgement. All it asks of you is to exist in your present form and complete your journey. Then pass on and be a part of this existence in another form, or even without form.

Spirituality is not a goal. It does not make you a greater being. It just makes you a bit more easygoing and relaxed because you see everything in a larger perspective of things. At that scale, everything looks a little less significant.

So it’s a good thing, because anyone who can see things with that kind of perspective can select the right issues to fight for.

Religion starts where spirituality ends. When you are not spiritual anymore, only then you can practice religion in its full rigor. Anyone who is spiritual will not bind himself in the discipline and the practice of a religion. He will seek the freedom to explore this connection at any time he chooses, and any way he chooses.

I am an atheist, I can’tĀ feel god, but I feel the entire universe. It works for me.


Everything that I ever wrote…

As I write this, I know I am a different person. I am not the same person who used to write this blog. As far as personal evolution goes, I took a diversion a couple of years ago, and here I am — Strikingly different from the man I was.

This blog was dead for quite some time while I waited to find myself. It’s a search that continues, but I’ve come along enough to make conversation about it.

So here goes… Something totally new.

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