If not the best… Then the best fit

If you’re a traveler then compromise might become a second habit.

You’re going to pay the price of witnessing the world’s awesomeness by making do with what you get, not what you want.

You’ll need to fill in the best fit replacement for the things you took for granted.

Did you know for instance, that you cannot buy razor blades for the Gilette Fusion razor in Phuket? Yep. They are not sold in Thailand, and if your razor goes blunt, you’ll have to use a one that you’re not accustomed to, and will have to be very careful or end up scraping your skin.

A good, properly equipped gym.

Paradise beach, Phuket.

If you’re a  wanderer, a traveler through, these might be hard to come by, and you’ll have to use the best fit.

Traveling teaches compromise and tenacity. Compromise, for you’ll not always get what you want, and tenacity because to stay true to who you are, you’ll find your own ways and still get things done.

If you can’t lift, then swim. Walk everywhere. You still need that exercise.

You’re a vegetarian? Learn to eat the only vegetarian option in the restaurant every day and like it.

If you weren’t ready to pay that price you wouldn’t have set foot out of your city, would you?

I am in Phuket again. This time it was a longer stay, and I lived more like backpacker and a native. Walking everywhere, behaving less like a tourist and more like someone who has been around for a while.

It’s a great town, but a 100% tourist destination. Great for traveling but not so great if you are gonna stay a while.

Happily, I won’t be staying long. Gonna head to Saigon for a week, or more if I like it. My first trip to Vietnam. If I feel good there, will go back again later.


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