Is ownership dying, or already dead?

Traveling constantly has given me a better insight into what’s coming and I am not really the first to notice or say this.

Ownership is passe.

Growing up in the 80s and the 90s I was taught ownership was good and the mark of success.

Own a home, own a car, own an office, own… own… own… That’s how life goals were set, but I see the idea is already archaic.

Ownership meant sense when accessibility could only be guaranteed by it, and that’s how it was in those years. You needed ownership to make use of any asset with any sort of reliability.

Now, not.

You don’t need a car because a car of exactly the sort you want can be rented online and delivered to your home for your use during your trip to anywhere you want.

Or, you can simply load up a ride app and get a chauffeur driven car wherever you are.

Ratings and specifications will guarantee you get exactly what you want, with very little chances of cheating and shortchanging.

You don’t need a house because you can rent very easily, and in most countries, cheaper than what you’d spend in building an house and maintaining it through the years.

It’s the same for everything other fancy possession. It’s cheaper to get it as a service whenever you want it, and leave the maintenance, storage etc. to the service providers.

People of my generation are just waking up to the idea, but the kids are growing up on it. The change can only accelerate.

There’s a big challenge to ownership on the horizon, and in extension to consumption too. If people don’t own stuff, efficiency increases. A rented cab will be put to work each day, all the day, making the best use of the resource. An owned car, not so much.

We are building a really interesting future. I think many behemoths of today who rely on ownership to drive volumes are going to feel the pinch real soon.

What do you think?